GOES Sea Surface Temperature Product Overview

NOAA CoastWatch provides sea surface temperature (SST) products derived from NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES). Sea surface temperature products from GOES for the Great Lakes are available through the Great Lakes CoastWatch web site.

Image information is found in the product file's naming convention and information sidebar or banner. The color bar (as illustrated to the right) shows the relationship between colors shown in the image and temperature. The following information can be found in the sidebar:

Product Type: Sea Surface Temperature
Satellite: GOES-8 or GOES-10
Resolution (Res:): 6 km -- the geographic size of each pixel in the image
Date and Time: A 'Day of Year' and MM/DD/YY and time period over which images were composited.
Method of creation: 3-hour composite (combining three separate images, each created 1-hour apart and retaining the most recent temperature value)

Graphic:  SST Colorbar for GOES-SST