NOAA Logo CoastWatch 2003 Node Managers Meeting
Glen Arbor, MI
October 7 - 9, 2003
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The banquet will be held Wednesday evening, October 8 aboard the the Grand Traverse Dinner Train. The Grand Traverse Dinner Train operates over rails owned by the State of Michigan. They offer three-hour tours, departing at midday and in the evening. Each tour takes a meandering course through the Boardman River Valley into Northern Michigan's Pere Marquette State Forest. Excursions tour up to 60-miles of wooded countryside and depart from and return to the beautifully renovated, historic Traverse City railway station. For the benefit of passengers traveling between mid fall and mid spring, when daylight hours are limited, halogen flood lights, mounted along the outside of the train, permit easy viewing of scenery after nightfall.

The web site for the Grand Traverse Dinner Train is: If you have special dietary needs, it would probably be best to contact the Director of Client Services directly at 231-933-3768.