Great Lakes CoastWatch AVHRR Product Suite (August 2000)

This is the suite of Great Lakes CoastWatch AVHRR products available as of August 2000. See file for a complete description of the CoastWatch file naming convention.


 -------   ---------
 Product   File Name     ------------
  Code       Form        Product type
 -------   ---------     ------------

   c1     gyyjjjhh.xc1   Channel 1 visible band

   c2     gyyjjjhh.xc2   Channel 2 visible band

   c3     gyyjjjhh.xc3   Channel 3 brightness temperature

   c4     gyyjjjhh.xc4   Channel 4 brightness temperature

   c5     gyyjjjhh.xc5   Channel 5 brightness temperature

   cm     gyyjjjhh.xcm   Cloud mask

   d1     gyyjjjhh.xd1   Daytime split window SST

   s7     gyyjjjhh.xs7   Nighttime split-window SST

   za     gyyjjjhh.xza   Solar zenith angle

   sz     gyyjjjhh.xzs   Satellite zenith angle


      yr = Year (2 digits)
     jjj = Day of year (3 digits)
       x = Scene identifier (one character):

        e = Lakes Erie and Ontario subscene
        l = Great Lakes synoptic scene (512x512)
        r = Great Lakes synoptic scene (1024x1024)
        m = Lakes Michigan and Huron subscene
        s = Lakes Superior subscene