Great Lakes CoastWatch Documentation

  • CoastWatch Credit [last update 12/2/1991]
    Proper acknowledgement of the Great Lakes CoastWatch program.

  • CWIPS with IDIDAS [last update 9/21/1993]
    Using CWIPS to print CoastWatch images annotated using IDIDAS.

  • CWIPS Documentation [last update 6/1993]
    CoastWatch Image Plotting Software (CWIPS) documentation.

  • DECCON [last update 08/01/93]
    DECompression and CONversion of NESDIS CoastWatch Imagery Files v1.0.

  • CoastWatch File Nomenclature [last update 07/08/2008]
    NOAA CoastWatch file naming convention.

  • CoastWatch Image Compression [last update 09/21/1992]
    Description of NESDIS SSTMAP and IMGMAP image compression methods.

  • GLERL LMD data base [last update 09/24/1999]
    GLERL Lake Meteorological Data (LMD) data base and file formats.

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